I am Chris Ward (aka Chris Chinchilla). I am a Developer, Designer and Writer currently living in Berlin, but originally from London and with many years spent in Melbourne.

This site is the home of many of my personal and work projects and the experiences I have working on them. All have a thread of openness, exchanging knowledge and new ideas.

Why do you call yourself Chris Chinchilla? Hmm, yes it does sound rather silly doesn't it! It's a nickname I've had for over 12 years after a passing comment at school, I've carried it through all my fanzine and music years and quite like it. For those who are interested, a Chinchilla is a small (and very cute) South American rodent, a Small Town in Queensland, Australia and is a real name in South America.

Latest Updates

From the One Day the World Ended project

Add your suggestions to "What Came Next"

One Day the World Ended is designed to be an open source and collaborative work of fiction. Most of this will come later when I have more material ready, but the code of the website is on GitHub and you're more than free to issue pull requests if you want to.At the moment there's one part of the work where you can contribute and I welcome your ideas, this is for the "What happens...Read More
From the Chip Shop project

Confessions of the Game Doctor, Bill Kunkell

Bill Kunkell helped create “Electronic Games Magazine” in 1981,  the first magazine dedicated to video games. It seemed a great research resource for Chip Shop to get some anecdotes and atmosphere for the era.Being born in 1981, I remember the 80s, but not in any great detail, my first real memory being the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Hence I am aware of the hedonism of the...Read More
From the Chip Shop project

Chip Shops first Video blog

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From the One Day the World Ended project

Battle Royale, Koushun Takami

In my continued efforts to read as mazy works of dystopian fiction as possible, next on my list was Battle Royale. On a side note, are there many works of purely utopian fiction? Or would that not sell? Back to the east Asian republic. Set in the non-too-distant future, a large Asian empire now rules over an undefined area, full of social control, aggression and suppression. Once a term a class...Read More
From the Chip Shop project

Regional Focus, 'Concepts' and opening up to you

A few small updates in this blog post, however, they have a large impact on the game. ### Regional Focus As much as it pains me (being a Sega fan boy), this initial edition of the game is US only and thus, there will be no Nintendo, Sega or other Japanese products and personalities represented. They will of course be added at a later date, but I need to focus for now. ### Game concepts In...Read More
From the Chip Shop project

Book Review - Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames

Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames by Leonard HermanI picked this book up as part of a book bundle somewhere, but escapes me with one right now. It’s timing was perfect as research for the development of Chip Shop as it covers the history of video games from 1970 up to the year 2000.The writing quality is average, which is typical of this style of book written by an (obvious)...Read More
From the Chip Shop project, From the Chris Chinchilla project

New Cards, The Benefits of Reading out Loud, Switching to Jekyll and more

This week has been a fervent flurry of activity as I prepare for starting my new job next week.So, here's what I've been up to.Chip Shop new designThe Chip Shop website has the beginnings of a new design that is supposed to represent an 80s retro computer, well sort of, I'm sure you will get the point. The site is also now generally responsive, but unfortunately I need to tweak a few...Read More
From the Chip Shop project, From the Chris Chinchilla project, From the The Lean Traveller project

It's all change, again

My plan for 2015 was to spend another few months working on my various projects and then start looking for new full-time work opportunities. In the past month I made a few casual enquires to get an idea of what might be out there and ended up getting quite a few offers very quickly. Many of these I considered but weren't compelling or different enough (from past work roles) to be worth...Read More
From the Chip Shop project, From the The Lean Traveller project

Payment and Production blocks, Favicons and more

Quite a lot of small updates, tweaks and additions to the various Gregarious Mammal sites, here they are. ### Contribution blocks If you like what I am doing and the projects I am undertaking, you can contribute what you feel to the projects. At the moment I am taking PayPal and BitCoin. I want to add more payment options as soon as possible but there are few payment processors that support ‘...Read More
From the One Day the World Ended project

One Day the World Ended intro is online

After some polishing, planning and technical tweaking the text version of my work of fiction is now online. This introduction aims to set the ground for the two main sections of the story, before the end of the world and what happens next. Each section is comprised of several parts and each of these could be stories that branch off in the future. Enjoy reading what's there right now and...Read More